Customer Services

Shipping and delivery 
Orders travel via couriers and delivery services. Shipping is charged to the customer and, when agreed, it is assured. The customer placing an order agrees to receive goods and to check the integrity of the shipment and immediately notify the seller of any discrepancies.

Privacy and Security 
Privacy is a value that we consider sacred and the basis for a relationship of mutual trust; visit the legislative page of the site for more information. We try to always provide the highest level of security to ensure the privacy of our customers and to protect it in respect of the commercial activities between the parties. So please notify us of any issues regarding privacy and / or security, we will investigate your report and integrate it into our processes.

Returns and exchanges 
Goods purchased by the customer can be returned, in accordance with the law, within 14 days of the despatch. Payments will be returned when goods will be delivered to the seller and after verification of integrity of the same. Shipment of goods to be returned, which must be agreed with the seller, will be borne by the customer. At the discretion of the seller and by written agreement between the parties, the order can be replaced with a similar product or even with different goods.

Orders placed through the site are valid and represent the will of the customer (buyer) to buy goods from the seller, confirming with payment. The order is not binding on the seller even when payment has been made, seller always has the right to refuse the order and, in the case of order already paid, the amounts paid will always be returned. The order confirmation will result in the acceptance of the same by the seller and will form the basis for the trade agreement. When proceeding with the shipment, the seller accepts the customer's order and proceed to carry it out.

Payments, prices and promotions 
Payments shall be made, unless otherwise agreed with the seller, upon confirmation of the order and before goods are shipped. The agreed price for goods ordered is on the order confirmation. Any promotions are at the discretion of the seller and will be valid only if confirmed by the same.

Coupon Codes 
Coupon codes entitle to a discount applied to the total shopping cart (basket). The discount varies depending on the coupon code. Costs for shipping and charges of payment (cash on delivery) are excluded from the discount coupons. The coupon codes have an expiry date stated on the coupon; they cannot be combined with other discounts and promotions in force. They can be used only once. To use a coupon code you need to be registered as a customer. Coupon codes can be applied only to products available: if they are applied to unavailable goods, they will be deleted.

Order management 
Orders are accepted only through the website. You can change at any time your personal information provided by you on registration and you agree that the details are correct and complete to fulfill orders and delivery of goods. Failing this, the seller will be relieved of all responsibility for the completion of the same.

Legal guarantee
For rules on implied guarantee refer to the appropriate section of the website available here.